Across the Universe


 Across the Universe

OK, the last thing I want to do is oversell this thing. That said, it’s the most fun I’ve had with a movie in years.

The kids are all wonderfully appealing and their sense of the music is terrific.

So far as I’m concerned, Julie Taymor walks on water.

The Golden Compass


 Golden Compass

This is one to see on the big screen — a thoughtful, lively story, vividly rendered. For pure eye candy, it’s up there with LOTR and Bladerunner.

Nicole Kidman is great, as are Daniel Craig, Dakota Blue Richards  and … well, they’re all terrific, all clearly having a lot of fun, everyone bringing their best to what they surely knew was a big thing.

I know a bit about the movie’s backstory and the brouhaha regarding its theology. Hard to say how a story so full of the supernatural might be considered atheistic. The big bad here is organized, tyrannical religion — if you can imagine such a thing.

In another piece of pleasant irony, Kidman’s character is the picture of scheming, evil cunning and is known as ‘the Coulter woman.’