Independent Film

I attended a number of events at Iowa City’s Landlocked Film Festival this weekend and am absolutely delighted to report it’s been a roaring success.

There were many terrific films, panels and workshops and I wish I could have attended more of them.

I want to talk a bit about two of my favorite films, both of which have to do with fathers and sons.

The first, a huge hit with audiences all over, is a feature film called The Flyboys and … it’s a boatload of fun — exciting, hilarious, touching, beautiful. Made for a mere million, it packs more entertainment value than most films costing a hundred times that much. It has to do with two teenage boys who are wonderfully appealing and … their hair-raising adventures.

I don’t want to give any more away. Just go see it. Take the kids.

The second film I want to give special mention to today is called Journeymen and it’s also a truly heart-warming film, a documentary about a new movement that’s all about mentoring teenage boys who have no fathers in their lives.

We see quite “ordinary” men stepping up to bring life back to the eyes of lost boys who were formerly forsaken by our society.

It brought tears to my eyes. I wish every man and every boy in the country could see this film. It really is just that important. I know — I used to work with kids and continue to do, decades later. Because there’s a crying need but also because it enriches my own life.

I’m also pleased to report that both films took first place in their divisions.

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