Fresh Air

A big part of the pleasure in the summer’s talent programs on TV comes from discovering new faces and amazing young talents.

In this wise, I’d like to showcase two bands I love — one’s a local favorite and the other was news to me before last weekend:


Lake Street Dive

I can’t say enough about these youngsters — they have an amazing command of their voices and instruments, a sure sense of their material, and terrific energy, for starters.

I don’t mean to sound the least bit patronizing, but it’s truly remarkable to me that both groups deliver a sound that — for all its wonderful complexity and sophistication — is yet so much pure fun … and issues forth from kids who are really just beginning what I hope are long and prosperous careers.

In brief, they rock!

I’m also delighted to provide word-of-mouth to a local venue that’s coming on strong here in Iowa City, namely the Java House.

Time and again in recent months I’ve been surfing the channels and … settling in for an extended listen to the musical acts found there — on local cable! Rarely in my experience has this kind of outlet lived up to its promise.

Excuse a bit of hometown pride, but I do believe that this program will go on to garner the kind of national audience that our Live from Prairie Lights has long enjoyed.

I wish them all the very best.

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