First, kill all the speculators

Gentle reader: I am not seriously suggesting that all speculators be taken out and put down like rabid dogs.

True, they did sink their fangs into millions of home owners and are now bleeding us all white at the pump, but we must respect the law.

So, let us inquire: If they’re willing to do these things, what else are they up to?

Let’s look into that, shall we?

These people have names and faces.

Publish them on the Internet and in the media.

Stick cameras in their faces.

Shame them and shun them.

Put them in prison with the child predators.

Make their lives a living hell, for a change.

O, what fun we shall have!


Speculators, not OPEC, ‘causing oil price spike’

A former Iraqi oil minister says record high oil prices are more to do with speculators, including central banks, than supply and demand.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is pressuring G8 leaders to push for OPEC to increase oil supply.

Isam Chalabi was Iraq’s oil minister before the first Gulf War and has more than 40 years experience in the industry.

He says Mr Rudd’s strategy will not work.

“The question of prices today is not related to supply and demand fundamentals – everybody knows that,” he told AM.

“Everybody has said so and hence it is not a matter of increasing supplies because whoever is in need of oil has been able to get it, so there is no need of problem of getting the oil.”







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