What’s the big idea?


Way back in the 20th century, physics witnessed a number of startling unifications. Einstein brought together both matter & energy and space & time. De Broglie did the same for wave & particle.

Today, many physicists believe that all subatomic particles might well be manifestations of a single object, the string.

Aspects of nature long considered separate and distinct were shown to be different faces of an underlying unity.

Are mind and matter like that? Different ways of looking at the same thing?

A number of illustrious persons have put forward the notion, including Bertrand Russell, Wolfgang Pauli, Herbert Feigl, David Bohm, David Chalmers — and me!

My modest efforts have recently received the recognition they so desperately deserve and I can’t help but feel that the whole world would do well to sit up and pay attention.

On the Unification of Mind & Matter (pdf)

If I have achieved anything, it might come down to this: What if we take a largely unexamined axiom of our science — the notion that colors & sounds & such exist only “in the mind” — and turn it on its head?

What geometry might then result?

Now, to be sure, for many intelligent persons, this move induces a … state of disequilibrium. (Try it!)

But the math and the physics and the neuroscience all seem to work out wonderfully well.

Quanta & Consciousness

Happily, modern technology affords ready means whereby one might subvert the established order, which is always good fun, in any case. And if there’s money in it … well!

Step right this way! Let me buy you a beer!

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