Natural Capital Institute

 From  Paul Hawken and friends:

Wiser ways

The Natural Capital Institute serves the people who are transforming the world. We are a team of researchers, teachers, students, activists, scholars, writers, social entrepreneurs, artists, and volunteers committed to the restoration of the earth and the healing of human culture. We do two things: we describe pathways of change in books and research reports, and we create tools for connecting the individuals, information, and organizations that create change.

To that end, NCI is creating WISER: the World Index for Social and Environmental Responsibility. It is a commercial-free, community-editable series of platforms where people, civil society, the private sector, and government can collaboratively define, address, and solve social and environmental problems. The millions of organizations and individuals who actively work towards ecological sustainability, economic justice, human rights, and political accountability address issues that are systemically interconnected and intertwined. Their effectiveness to prevent harm and institute positive change is undermined by the lack of a collective awareness, duplicative efforts, and incomplete connectivity.

Natural Capital Institute

2 thoughts on “Natural Capital Institute

  1. There are more than 108,000 non-profit & ngo organizations in the WE directory. The organizations, resources, people, jobs and events are organized by a taxonomy of 379 areas of focus which fosters an environment that encourages collaboration and people of like-minded folks linking together. Please stay in touch with the site as it develops!

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