You Sick Bastards

To think I used to trust CNN… : SiCKO : SiCKO News : SiCKO Truth Squad Sets CNN Straight

I was watching a notorious conservative talk show host expostulating as to how, if Michael Moore gets his way, you’d better pray you don’t get sick.

I couldn’t help but think, “And that would be different… how?!

For millions of Americans the answer is, of course, “Not much.”

As with the working poor, so with millions of immigrants: The haves are happy to enjoy the fruits of their labor — but give them a fair shake? No way, José!

Meanwhile, stupid little piggies parade their idiot celebrity, erect ever more McMansions, foist reality programming on the masses and drool over martinis costing thousands of dollars.

Before they start squealing about class warfare, let’s hand them their heads — on a gilded platter.

Let’s start at the top:

Bush suggests uninsured children go to ER

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