I Love My New Web Host

I was in the market for a new web host recently and I selected StartLogic. I’m pleased as punch.

Those faces at the top of their page drew me in, reminding me of my friends. It’s hard to fake a genuine smile and I do believe they have a lot to be happy about.

Their prices are a bargain, considering all you get. The interface is clean, simple, attractive and intuitive.

The customer support people are a joy to deal with — courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and fast. In an era when “your call is very important to us” makes me want to holler “liar!” and alternately pound the phone and my head against the wall, well… Let me just say the difference was refreshing indeed, like a tidal wave of bliss.

My greatest fear is that they’ll get too big, too successful — and get bought out by some horrible greed-heads who’ll gut the business and offshore the whole works.

Please, God, no.

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