Call me a schlemiel

The annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission begins on Friday on the Caribbean island of St Kitts. The indications are that for the first time in 20 years nations which favour whaling may have a majority.

"Many of the Japanese citizens thinks that westerners, (the) outside world, is imposing their own value code on Japan on an emotional basis, and naturally they think they're bullies or… arrogant."

At the risk of being culturally insensitive, it seems to me that, given their great numbers, the Japanese represent a far more sustainable source of food for the world's burgeoning population. Moreover, I am told that they can be quite tasty when prepared properly — a simple matter of a little butter and fresh herbs.

Then, too, whales don't bother anyone, whereas the people of Japan go around calling Westerners "arrogant" when they are only trying to protect a species which is quite arguably more intelligent (and certainly more lovable) than most human beings.

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